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Permeable Surfaces


The use of permeable surfaces as part of the SUDS treatment train is becoming an increasingly popular and architecturally-attractive means of enabling source control of surface water along areas of hard-standing that would otherwise offer increased impermeable surfaces.

Infiltration Basins, Swales, Trenches and Soakaways

elvetham heath

Infiltration basins are man-made depressions, engineered to hold back surface water and let it infiltrate into the soil, thus reducing the volume of run-off needing to be conveyed to end-of-pipe systems. Basins can be landscaped to create structures that appear natural and offer an amenity value for the local community.

Modular Storage and Soakaway System

Eden Park Photo Courtesy of Cole Easdon

Infiltration is a priority process for Sustainable Drainage Systems to ensure control of water as close as possible to the point of falling and mimic natural processes.