Policy Briefing

Policy and regulation are driving fundamental changes in the way we approach flooding and surface water management in the UK.

Flood and Water Management Act

The Flood and Water Management Act embodies far-reaching changes to improve the management of flood risk in England and Wales and encourage the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS).

EU Water Framework Directive

The WFD is a unifying framework that drives water legislation in member EU countries. Introduced in 2000 and implemented in 2003, it has set challenging environmental legislative priorities and timescales which transcend regional and national interests.

Planning Policy and Building Regulations

Arguably, energy efficiency and carbon reduction have had a higher profile on the sustainable agenda in recent years. But – prompted by major surface water flooding events( e.g. in the Summer of 2007) and the impact of Climate Change – policymakers have increasingly turned their attentions to the need to control the quantity and quality of water.

SUDS – The Scottish Experience

The use of SUDS is integral to regulation in Scotland. SEPA requires that all new construction developments (except for single dwellings, or where discharge is directly into coastal waters) incorporate effective, appropriate SUDS, and developers and SW are encouraged to consult together with SEPA at very early stages in the planning process.

SUDS for Roads

The UK’s road network represents the country’s largest continuous impervious surface area .