Engineering Nature’s Way

How to Ensure Quality in SuDS Construction

2 Sep 2016

Written By: Mark Goodger Regional Technical Manager, Hydro International UK Stormwater Divison

Berewood SuDS during construction with show homes in the background

Have we put the cart before the horse when it comes to ensuring quality in the construction of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)? Encouraging greater uptake, even compulsory use, of SuDS in new developments in the UK has led policymakers to put a great deal of effort into promoting best practice in design, but much less, […]

Can You Ever Fit and Forget Surface Water Drainage?

1 Dec 2015

Written By: Phil Collins National Sales Manager, Hydro International

Downstream Defender Maintenance

Is there ever a time when a drainage system can be left unmaintained? And how does an owner or operator really know if it is performing as the designer intended? These are really not trick questions: clearly a piped system or a manufactured device will have a schedule for servicing that, if followed, will ensure […]

Success, Passion, Commitment and Frustration – SUDS in Scotland

12 Nov 2013

Written By: Phil Collins National Sales Manager, Hydro International

SUDS in Scotland Round Table

A PANEL of expert professionals involved in the design and delivery of SUDS in Scotland came together for a Round Table debate last week specially arranged by Engineering Nature’s Way and held in association with CIWEM and British Water. They were responding to the results of the SuDS for Scotland – Experience and Opportunity Survey […]

Community Outreach for Surface Water Management

25 May 2012

Written By: David Schofield Associate Director, Hydro Consultancy

image courtesy of Paul Cone, Bureau of Transportation, City of Portland

The US is providing excellent examples of community engagement in SuDS projects or ‘outreach’ as the term is widely referred to there, from which we in the UK have much to learn. I was asked by Paul Shaffer of CIRIA if I would capture the essence of surface water management community outreach for a CIRIA […]

At Last we have National SuDS Standards…

12 Jan 2012

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.

Photo Courtesy of Cole Easdon

DEFRA served up an extra treat for us to digest over the Christmas holidays.  The National Standards for SuDS were published for consultation on December 20.  For the complete industry reaction, I suspect we’ll need to wait until the New Year is well underway. The National Standards are designed to provide a structure for the […]

Engineering Nature’s Way – an exciting new initiative

11 May 2011

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.


There has arguably never been a more interesting time to be involved in surface water drainage in the UK. That’s why we believe Engineering Nature’s Way is a timely and challenging initiative…
By Alex Stephenson, Director of Hydro International’s Stormwater Division and Chair of British Water SUDS Group.

Towards an Urban Blue/Green Network

10 May 2011

Written By: Prof.Richard Ashley EcoFutures Ltd, Universities of Sheffield, Bradford, UNESCO IHE and Luleå

Richard Ashley presents a joint post with Tony Wong, Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, Monash University, Melbourne.